Anissa Upton, Account Director

My job is to… deliver campaigns, keep budgets on the straight and narrow, chat to clients and work with our creative team to deliver engaging ideas (and ensure they don't go rogue)! I’m the go-to person for… anything to do with design, print production and management of your project. At Spark Up, I’m best known for…doing everything at breakneck speed, eating healthily and exercising every day (yes, everyone around here hates me).

Carita Colling, Account Executive

My job is to… support Nicaly, handle admin and account service tasks, including cost estimates and client liaison. A typical day for me involves… sourcing promotional materials, chasing up suppliers and dealing with client queries in SparkUp2GO. Whatever’s necessary to get the job done. At Spark Up, I’m best known for… being super organised and calm under pressure. And the one who’s always eating salad. Sad but true!

Julie 'Jules' Lewis, Art Director

My job is to… explore ideas, create them electronically and meet deadlines. It all starts with a team brainstorm for ideas, then I convert those scribbles into concepts and finally, finished art. I love… being part of an amazing team who all genuinely like one another! I like to think that shines through in our results. At Spark Up, I’m best known for… Eating ice, making inappropriate comments and drinking G&Ts!

Nicaly Notting, Agency Director

My job is to… come up with creative, engaging ideas to promote our clients’ brands. I also lead the team, problem-solve, develop concepts and plan campaigns. There’s a bit of travel in there too, attending trade shows and meeting suppliers in China and Europe. I love… getting a new brief in, collaborating with clients and turning it into a great marketing campaign. I’m best known for… being the person who says, ‘Yep, we can do that.’

Rachel Smith, Copywriter

My job is to… write great copy (digital and print). Call-to-action teasers, sales brochures, trade presentations, in-store POS, eDMS, social and web content - it's all in a day's work! I love… telling a story and playing with words in order to make our clients' campaigns shine - and stand out in store, of course. At Spark Up, I’m best known for… always saying, 'The medical info is great, but we need to make it sound more friendly!'

Peta Moynihan, Account Manager

My job is to… find unique promotional products, brainstorm ideas for giveaways, chase up art-work, put together quotes and get new jobs into production. I love… being Spark Up’s ‘sourcerer’. If you need a promotional blue flying pig with rabbit ears, I’m your gal. I'm always looking for the best price possible as well. At Spark Up, I’m best known for… fighting with Annabelle over who’s a better forklift driver.

Annabelle Ashwin, Account Manager

My job is to… look after all the day-to-day orders received on SparkUp2Go, run all three Spark Up warehouses and oversee all our clients' inventory. I pride myself on… being a bit of a logistics guru who makes sure client materials turn up on time – and ensures we’re never ripped off by freight companies! At Spark Up, I’m best known for… my forklift driving skills. (I'd beat Peta any day of the week.)

Sarah East, Designer

My job is to… turn raw thoughts, ideas and content into effective and attractive campaigns that convert. I guess you could say I help visually articulate the thoughts in our clients heads! I love... being behind the scenes doing my thing. I'm a bit like the wizard behind the curtain in the Wizard of Oz. You don’t see me, but I’m busy peddling away. At Spark Up, I’m best known for… my baking, probably!