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Virtual Christmas party gift packs

Ahhhh, Christmas parties. The chance to blow off steam, have a bubbly with Norman from accounts, and bid farewell to to co-workers until the new year. But... in the age of a pandemic, will Christmas parties be going ahead this year? Some may, on a small scale. But with Covid…
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4 great reasons to outsource your storage, post-Covid

Ever since a global pandemic came and up-ended everything, we’ve all watched the world of work shift and change. Companies of all kinds have successfully reinvented themselves. Some have closed down completely. Many have reduced office space permanently as their staff continue working from home. But reducing the side of…

10 ways to get results at conferences and trade shows

We may be knee-deep in the digital age, but conferences and trade shows are booming. Numbers are up at New York’s Comic Con, South By Southwest generates over $200 million annually for Austin’s economy and numbers at the biggest annual tech event in the world – the Consumer Technology Association's…

Why does February have an extra day every four years?

by The Conversation in Web on Wednesday 24 February 2016 Most of the time, a year is made up of 365 days. But this year, just like 2012, and the year four years before that, has 366. And that vital extra day, a leap day, is (partly) what keeps our…
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How Telstra got a 46% DM response rate.

We’re pretty impressed with the latest case studies around the effectiveness of incorporating a  Connect-to-Web key into print campaigns.  Currently the average response rates from Direct Mail campaigns using Connect-To-Web keys are 17% – 25%. Telstra used the technology to drive existing customers to the website to renew their contracts…

What promotional products worked hardest in FY 2014?

According to British research conducted over the past year, promotional products are by far the most effective way to remind customers of your brand, maintain loyalty and prompt sales, compared with online, print and TV campaigns. So, what works best? Well, it depends what you want to do. Are you…